Time capsule

12 Jan, 2024

A gift for the future!

On 13 December 2023, CEU- Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário, the founding body of the Autonomous University of Lisbon, celebrated its 38th anniversary with the launch of a Time Capsule.
With the motto "A GIFT FOR THE FUTURE", the prestigious repository of time was closed under the watchful eye of UAL's patron, Luís de Camões.
The messages from the three presidents of the CEU's governing bodies were deposited there and will remain there for 12 years. They won't be read until 2035.
At the institutional ceremony, open only to cooperators and the organisation, the deep feeling of hope and optimism for the future was clear.
The time capsule is thus deposited in the noblest part of the University under a digital tombstone with a countdown timer. All the students, teachers and staff will now be living witnesses of a future that we want to be successful for everyone!

Until 2035!